A generation coming back to Jesus.

June 24-25, we are calling an entire generation to gather at the Cotton Bowl Stadium to meet with Jesus and be equipped to share Him with the world.

The Cotton Bowl Stadium is more than a venue. We believe it’s an altar where a new Jesus movement will be unleashed. History was made here before, and we believe lives are going to be transformed again.

Led By
Nick Hall

This is personal.

The Together storyline finds its origin at the Cotton Bowl. In 1972, Billy Graham and Bill Bright rallied a generation for the largest evangelistic training in American history, called Explo ’72. Among those in attendance were students from North Dakota who were equipped and unleashed to share Jesus back home. In the years that followed, these same students and leaders planned an outreach at the University of North Dakota that resulted in Nick Hall’s dad first surrendering to Jesus. That event has inspired every Pulse event since, and Explo ’72 was the catalyst for the Together 2016 event on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.